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Some examples of solutions we’ve provided:

    • Re-architect Netcool Impact rules for 500% speed increase in rules processing
    • Provide 10 different TBSM dashboards, with custom launch-in-context options to multiple external systems
    • Create dashboards in DASH that use Netcool Impact to leverage CMDB data to correlate events to business applications.
    • Implement BigFix to auto-assign endpoints to relays based on business criteria
    • Implement ITCAM to get complete topology mappingĀ for 100% of critical transactions
    • Deploy Operations Analytics to allow our client to identify several areas adversely affecting their business

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Product Focused

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NetCool Operations Insight Implementation

One of the most comprehensive solutions on the market, NOI gives you more visibility into your infrastructure than ever before. With the combination of the proven Netcool OMNIbus and Impact underneath, and IBM Operations Analytics on top, let us show you how to get the most out of your investment.

BigFix Deployment

Let us stand up BigFix in your environment to let you immediately see the benefits it provides. No matter which components you're using - Compliance, Protection, Lifecycle, Inventory or Patch - we can get you the reports you need in no time.

IBM Control Desk and TADDM Implementation

We have consultants with several years of experience implementing and customizing both ICD and TADDM, and we can help make your implementation successful.

ITM 6.x Planning and Deployment

We have co-authored RedBooks on ITM, done hundreds of deployments, and we work with the product daily. We can help you plan and implement ITM 6.x in record time.

ITM 6.x Customization

All enterprise software needs customization, and ITM is no different. We know the product inside and out, and can help you implement the customizations that help you the most.

We have developed solutions to allow customers to fully customize the message field when situation events get to OMNIbus, to integrate various products into DASH, and more. We can get you where you want to go.

ITM 6.x Agent Builder Development

Integration of applications into ITM 6.x often requires customization of the Universal Agent or the creation of a new agent using the Agent Builder. We have created custom universal agents for a wide range of in-house applications - from insurance claims processing to financial transaction auditing. We can help you integrate any application you have.

TEC to OMNIbus Conversion

Many customers are migrating from TEC to OMNIbus, and we can help. We have helped numerous customers convert their rules from prolog to ObjectServer SQL. Contact us to find out what we can do for you.

ITCAM/Application Performance Management Deployment and Integration

The ITCAM suite of products allows you amazing insight into your composite applications and transactions, from web-based to client-based. We have deployed all of the ITCAM products at numerous customers, with integration with ITM, NOI, TBSM, TADDM and ICD. We can help you realize the potential of these powerful tools.

Service Desk Application Integration

A monitoring solution isn't living up to its potential if it's not integrated with your helpdesk and ticketing applications. We can help you perform this integration whether you use Remedy, Peregrine, Maximo, or any other helpdesk software.

SLA Deployment and Integration

Service Level Advisor can help you effectively manage your SLAs, if you have all of the necessary components in place. We know how to identify your service level objectives, which can then be used to formally define your Service Level Agreements within Tivoli SLA.

TBSM Deployment and Customization

We can help you identify the individual components that make up your lines of business, and apply that information to your custom TBSM implementation.

TADDM Deployment and Implementation

TADDM is a truly amazing product, once all of the prerequisites are in place. We can help you with this preliminary step, all the way through the process of leveraging the information to help you solve real problems.

Maximo/CCMDB Installation, Customization and Administration

Using TADDM as the discovery engine, we can help you configure CCMDB to make ITIL actionable through the use of the different process managers available.

Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition Customization

We can help you implement, customize, or transition to Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition (formerly NetCool Precision).

Analysis of Existing Tools

Already have lots of tools in your enterprise? We can help you identify how to best leverage their capabilities, or make suggestions on which ones can be shelved.

Custom Operations Console Application Development

Is your operations department already comfortable using an existing console? We can customize your Tivoli installation to fit right in!

Tivoli Endpoint Manager (BigFix) Design and Implementation

We have BigFix (now named Tivoli Endpoint Manager) experts who can help you quickly and effectively implement and utilize the product to ensure compliance, manage security, and/or discovery enterprise assets.

Various Offerings

Every Gulf Breeze consultant is an expert in multiple technical areas. Many are also Solution Architects. Our primary goal is to Delight the Customer. To do this, our Project Managers plan diligently before the contract begins to determine the appropriate mix of consultants for each engagement. This engagement-centric approach allows us to demonstrate amazing results within your budget AND timeframe.

No matter which IBM product you’re working with, give us a call to see how we can help you get the most out of your investment.